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Scam Detector
NikhilM123 (4)

Put in a website and it will output if its a scam or not! It takes the HTML of the site using urllib and parses for certain keywords to determine the legitimacy of the site. Still in beta as of posting this.

Tarnished (0)

So essential to have such tools available if you are a business owner. I had a similar issue with a few of my clients when I had it for my site, and it was great to add and replace it for the last provider used to check for fraud attempts by customers. The previous provider I had cost me a fortune compared to this one and was not good to start with. On top of that, they were able to stop the scam and phishing attempts on my site after they realized it's being monitored that well.

Snuggly (0)

That's interesting. I would love to find more ways to avoid money laundering against my company.

systemctl (39)

hmm i'm not really sure how it decideds if it's a scam or not by the looks of the code it just takes the website and puts the html into url.txt

NikhilM123 (4)

@systemctl I'm still working on it. It puts the HTML in a file and searches for certain keywords that are related to scam websites. It's really simple code, someone suggested it to me :)

ivanchang309 (12)

@NikhilM123 I put your project url into the scam detector, It said,"This site may be a scam."

How am i supposed to know if this site is a scam or not?

NikhilM123 (4)


I never responded to this. Apologies. A lot of the bugs were fixed and the code was fixed from then and now. The reason it is saying '' is a scam is because it is looking for certain keywords. Obviously it's going to have a keyword like 'scam' in it. That's why it says it is a scam. I'm sure you can use common sense however. The tool isn't meant for functionality use, it was made as just a project for fun.