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TheRealSanic (6)

Free Chat Website For All Scratchers!

TheRealSanic (6)

@programmeruser .env wasn't on, I forgot too add it xD

Mat7rocks (0)

Hey sanic can chu add me? if you don't wanna its fine


hey help me on PenguinChat it says only 1/1 people can join

Steven1232 (0)

hello can u get on stevenchat

kwe (57)

@TheRealSanic oh i quit that website years ago, i was unfamiliar from the term

TheRealSanic (6)

@kwe yup. scratch is kinda toxic now, theres "15" y/o's that try to get girls :/

kwe (57)

@TheRealSanic scratch is more like a social media platform than a education/learning platform now, this is sad :(

TheRealSanic (6)

@kwe YES! Ikr? Its really annoying, there's these people dating with fake face reveals that they're not supposed to do, I mean, they're saying that they're 15, but if they were 15, they would be smart enough to know that face reveals aren't allowed and dating is not allowed on scratch facepalm

blazintwitch (0)

@kwe also people advertise their projects on almost every project D:

ViFX (0)

@blazintwitch you do know that there's a fourm called "show and tell"