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The Break-in Game

Notorious crime boss Henry McHenry has once again threatened to bomb Times Square. This time, it looks like he’s serious. Government intel tells us McHenry has set up a deal with the even more notorious illegal arms dealer William Williams, to buy a fuel-air bomb. McHenry is making the transaction in Bitcoin, stored anonymously on the cloud. The only way to access and confiscate the illegally acquired Bitcoin is to break in to McHenry’s top secret base and hack his computer. Instructions: Begin in the foyer. Check out the painting, might be something fishy there. Continue to the control room and disable the security system. Finally, locate the big red door, find McHenry’s computer, and confiscate the illegally acquired cryptocurrency!

Use the arrow keys to move around. Also, credit to Nikola Simovic for the typing game and the Slake Squad for 512.

This game is best experienced in full screen (press "open in new tab").

*This is the first game I've ever made; any constructive criticism is appreciated.

Play the game in fullscreen here!

Or open the repl dropdown

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anthony_zhou (4)

@SaakethChennaia Thank you for the encouragement!