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SWI-Prolog running in a Bash REPL

Hi! I have a basic version of SWI-Prolog 8.5.1 working in a Bash REPL. Some of the advanced features like HTTP support and XPCE debugger interface probably don't work because the Bash REPL did not have the appropriate libraries installed but commandline level Prolog works fine.

You can play with it here. In order to run Prolog hit the 'run' button and then follow the instructions in order to set up the environment. Yes, setting up the environment is a bit wonky because Bash REPLs do not support .bashrc files properly in order to customize the bash environment.


PS: When you type 'prolog' at the commandline you should see the SWI Prolog banner. If you see the GNU Prolog banner then you have to go through the setup procedure again.