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SVG and CSS Animation
sn236 (85)

This is a svg animation.
Any Suggestions are welcome.

cuber1515 (91)

question: what's the 68a4ff in script.js supposed to do?

sn236 (85)

@cuber1515 I don't know how it came there, because I didn't add it. But if I remove it then nothing changes. It's not related to the animation. :)

cuber1515 (91)

@sn236 ok.
also, do you have any good tutorials for svg animations?

sn236 (85)

@cuber1515 I don't have any tutorials, but you can search for some tutorials online

Bookie0 (6407)

Nice! How about making several more animations (as it's a bit short) :)

sn236 (85)

@Bookie0 Yeah SVG animations take hardly 5-7 minutes to make, so I will try to make more I can't promise because my exams are coming up

SilvermoonCat (458)

@sn236 @Bookie0 they make a great loading symbol imo lol :D