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SURVIVOR (1982 Commodore 64 game remake)

A playable HTML + CSS + JavaScript remake of a space-based "shoot-'em-up" arcade game for Atari / Commodore 64 from 1982, including a level maker and design tool. To get the link of the level maker just copy the web-link or take the link from the bird icon at the bottom.

Long time to make this! It was a long project btw with me and me friend.

Post your scores (with a screenshot for evidence 😑) in the comments!


Idk how to write a license so here:
Please do not fork this repl and claim as your own work. Thanks XD.


It's 1982, and you're playing an arcade game. Of course it has a space theme -- it's 1982. Your mission: Destroy everything you can.


Arrow keys drive the ship. SHIFT or CTRL can be used to fire (for the fastest firing rate, hold the key down.) Use the SPACE BAR to fire "smartbombs", which will kill any bad guys that happen to be chasing you.


The goal: Destroy the bases by shooting out the turrets attached to them. When all turrets are dead on a base, it will explode. When all bases are dead, you will pass the level.

Avoid crashing into "spaceballs" (green asteroid slimeball-like things), and shoot or steer clear of "bad guys" that will occasionally appear and chase you. As you destroy each, the speed of the game will increase slightly.


SURVIVOR was originally written for the Atari 2600 home arcade game system in 1982, and was ported in 1983 to the popular Commodore 64 computer system. This is a browser-based remake, written in 2012, that is a tribute to the spirit of the Commodore 64 version. It is a browser-based prototype demonstrating (and admittedly, ironically,) how HTML + CSS + JavaScript can be used to emulate games designed for hardware that existed thirty years prior.