anvilofSand (6)

this is a search engine running on google. it is still pretty primitive but I plan to do upgrades on it to make it work better. Right now you have to click it multiple times to get it running. I plan to fix this bug in the future but for now, it's just yahoogle and it's good enough.

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OldenJordan (0)

SO is this like one of those browser emulators?

anvilofSand (6)

that is exactly what it is. It opens any web address you want you just have to change the code in it where you see the web address for google. I have the code open google just because I thought it would be the easiest browser for most people to use. I do have a question though. I wondered if when you ran the program it opened the first time and worked because when I open it I have to retry it a few times to get it to work.