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SILI5 - Easy Definitions Fast
XCode101 (41)

Please Check It Out!

Hi Everybody!

This is a WIP and is a place where you search things up and can get easy definitions. So far I only have one word, so if you have any definitions that you want to add you can add it to the comments.


codingjlu (481)

This is pretty cool!

ch1ck3n (2335)

why is there only one word and cant you add more

ch1ck3n (2335)

@ch1ck3n also im not on a computer

Yimmee (10)

@ch1ck3n phones are computers

XCode101 (41)

I don't know what other words to add... :(

ch1ck3n (2335)

@XCode101 just go onto random words on the dictionary