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SCP Database
mrsprinkletoes (178)

A system to display information about SCP items from the SCP foundation.
SCP Website

Note: Not all SCP items are included here. (That would take a very long time!) I plan on adding more whenever I get the chance.

Current SCP items in the system:

  • 049
  • 096
  • 106
  • 173

Names you can use to access the system:

  • Weaver
  • Smith
  • Jones
  • Orange

To access the system just use the account named "Jones", the password is "whotheheckisjones"

Note: The SCP files were taken directly from the website. I've reread them and attempted to make sure they are formatted well for the terminal, but you may encounter some oddities. (such as "image.png" where an image would be on the website)

0ctavias (9)

ran it and it sent a msg saying file "", line 18 in <module> with a lot of other stuff after