[GAME] Shot in the Dark — A fun puzzle game with a warm glow aesthetic! 🔥
fuzzyastrocat (1513)

Adventure through dimly lit passages with only a few glowing torches to help guide you on your way. Encounter shifting walls, tricky puzzles, and mysterious enemies. Enjoy a calming, warm aesthetic with minimalist graphics.

All this and more in my new game, Shot in the Dark!

Shot in the Dark is a puzzle game with one simple rule — you can only move between tiles that have similar colors. So, you can move from a black tile to a dark grey tile, but not from a black tile to a white tile. The complexity arises from the additional challenges added throughout the levels — I won't spoil it all for you, you'll have to play the game to find out!

You can play the game here. All instructions are in-game — but I'll list them here too:

  • WASD or arrow keys to move
  • R to reset level
  • You are the circle, the goal is the square

Gameplay photos:

If you have any suggestions, please give them! This took a long time to make, so I'd really appreciate any feedback!

(Some of the levels may be challenging — but I can assure you, they are all possible!)

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Leroy01010 (419)


But laggy

fuzzyastrocat (1513)

@Leroy01010 It will probably be laggy if you don't have a graphics card — this uses a lot of shaders to get the nice glow aesthetic, at the cost of being really laggy for systems that don't do well with that kind of stuff.

Leroy01010 (419)


fuzzyastrocat (1513)

@Leroy01010 I have no idea, you'd probably be best off googling it. Many computers come with them pre-installed, so I'm not sure how to get/replace one (it might be that you actually do have one but it's just not very powerful).