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Running Chicken
JulianTong (48)

Just a chicken running... Thought this would be something funny to make, a small animation in java. I hope y'all like it.

ajmccallister (3)

Wow so cool Tong Dong

SamuelBerman1 (2)

Here's a tip: use ANSI codes to move the cursor back to the top left corner after each frame without clearing the screen, then print the next frame over the previous one. This eliminates flickering. Just print out "\033[0;0H" to reset the cursor.

MrEconomical (2285)

I would give it an "e"
very nicely done

Victoriapekel (2)

Very cool Julian!👌🐔

Me54321 (10)

Isn't it a Turkey?

HezekiahUkachi (0)

Nice. I'm just learning, javascript myself.

AkshayNambudiri (0)

thank u sir can u make tutorial?


Good job!

IAmAFox (1)

wow so cool

i like fish

codebunny123 (2)

umm thats actually kind of cool not gonna lie

LesleighRainbow (0)

i dont like chicken

merrillUwU (22)

this is really cool UwU

Dart (1198)

i think I started a trend

JulianTong (48)

@Zexogon lmao I saw your post after I shared, very nice


@Zexogon Request for your profile picture to be larger on the repl site. I cannot see it moving, and that bugs me


@Zexogon yes. thank you. it is too cute