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Rubik's Cube Clicker
bgrubert (124)

This is I game that I have been working on for a while and it's definitely not perfect.
Please comment if there are any bugs!
PS. play this game in full screen

ashrit_lv (20)

Have you ever gotten a cubing tourney?

CalvinStewart (1)

this is a really great game to be honest you should make it to where every time you solve the cube you get an award again nice job really fun game my whole school loves this game

bgrubert (124)

@CalvinStewart Thank you so much! This was a game that I made a while ago and it makes me happy that you are enjoying it!
PS. It is extremely unlikely that you will solve the cube. For example, the odds of solving a 2x2 are less than 1% and the odds of solving a 3x3 on this game are literally worse than 1 out of a million