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💬 chat app using 💬

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getting practical experience of websockets by building a simple chat app using

Screenshot 📷


Technologies 👨‍💻

Features 💡

  • Uses the Websocket API to enable bi-directional communication which characterizes live messaging
  • Emojis dropdown menu available in desktop view
  • Protection against XSS attacks like this: <img onerror="alert('XSS attack!')>
  • Fully responsive

Reference 📙

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for the "login with replit" button just put this code wherever you want the button:

<script authed="location.reload()" src=""></script>

once you clicked the button, it will reload. to make it so that it shows the username instead of the button, you will need to check the username. Once authed, the script will set an HTTP header (X-Replit-User-Name or some other header for nodejs maybe). If the header is blank, that means the user has not authenticated. if else, the user has.