Grades Clicker (Re-post)
RohilPatel (1581)

yes, I am aware that my post was taken away, but I want to hear some suggestions from you guys. Thanks!

Grades Clicker

  1. Click
  2. Search Upgrades
  3. Redeem
  4. Repeat lol.


  1. I wanted to make something that was simple popular
  2. I wanted to make something, as I was out of ideas
  3. I wanted to give my friend a challenge for html and css, as I felt too lazy to do it, but I ended up doing most of it anyway lol :)
  4. I wanted to hit 200 upvotes before March 2020.


If you would like to contribute or suggest something to this website, please talk in the comments below, and I will be sure to reach out to you ASAP. Also, if anyone knows any way of shortening the code, please let me also know that, and I'll award 5% credit to each person who makes a worthwhile contribution or suggestion. Thanks to you all, and please be patient! I'm a bad coder!


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AgastyaSandhuja (169)

@RohilPatel one suggestion: make a rebirth so you start over but with a perk. I upvoted!