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NEVER have your Python Repls go to sleep again!



You heard that right! This ₜᵢₙᵧ addition to your program allows is it stay alive and running indefinitely.


I wanted to be able to have my discord bot stay awake without the use of external ping programs.


Using a small flask server and some threaded pinging loops.

How do I get started?

Add the file to your project and paste the following code to the top of your

import neverSleep neverSleep.awake('YOUR AUTO GENERATED WEBSITE URL')

That's it!
If this gets enough popularity I'll add it to PyPi to make it even easier.

3 years ago
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Haha I forgot about this project! Throwback to my high-school days learning Python. Anyways, that's good to know for anyone looking at this project nowadays. I'll do you one better though:

replNeverSleep.awake(f"https://{str(os.environ['REPL_SLUG']).lower()}.{str(os.environ['REPL_OWNER']).lower()}", True)
8 months ago