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Rock Paper Scissors Bots: Final Version
MikeJMS8910 (234)

The Final Version

Not gonna lie this would be like my 3rd time posting this project but there is a reason why. I have recently found out some big problems with my code that ruined the code's point. So now it is all fixed and you can test out the true machine learning rocket paper scissors game.

Here were the two things that I found -

  • The first one was actually pretty dumb well I guess both reasons why it is broken are dumb probably because I was stupid 3 months ago when making this. Well, the first thing is that the adding to the players' moves were reversed. So if you did paper to rock it logged it as rock to paper and then would remember it like that. Now it is fixed so that is not inverse.

  • Nowhere is the one that really mattered. So I have a variable that adds if a value is max. This is used to check if the moves that could happen are not equal and so that it would just pick random. But the issue is that I never reset it. So pretty much after the first round, the code thinks that there are more than one possible moves and just picks random.

So yea now with these dumb mistakes figured out it should be much better. Hope you enjoy it!

NotRandomPerson (6)

Cool, lol my Rock Paper Scissors is just random lol