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Robot Swordfighter
EthanCulp (38)

This is a game that I made, basically, you are a robot fighting other robots, please comment and tell me what I should add to make the game better

EthanCulp (38)

Thank you!! I made this game and posted it here but no one noticed it and it kinda made me disappointed lol. I'm glad this post made it to someone at least. I worked pretty hard on it.

Fun fact:
This game was originally meant to be a tank shooter game but the bullets kept glitching and wouldn't move and would just stay in front of the character. But then I saw that it kind of looked like a sword, and the tank sprite looked like a robot. Goes to show that even if you have a pretty unfixable bug in your program, you should still keep trying because it could be salvaged! Hope you have a good day :)