Python Advanced Calculator

Python Advanced Calculator (PAC)

created by @ReplitDevTeam

Say goodbye to the lame old 4-function calculator, and say hello to the brand-new Python Advanced Calculator!

Just type in anything from
and the PAC will give you your results!
(by the way the answer is -8564.609053497943)

You can also type:
abs for abolute value
sqrt for square root
area to calculate the area of a circle
pi for pi, you can also use it in equations
help for help
clear to clear the terminal
show to show all previous equations
how many to see how many equations you have entered
var can be used to assign variables (more on that later)

ans use this to see/use last answer

You can also assign and use up to 3 variables (x,y,z):

Also, try and find those sneaky easter eggs!

Give us feedback if anything is wrong/needs improvement, or if you want us to add anything.

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@RhinoRunner ...plz fix so far out of the calculators we've had recently mine is the only one that doesn't have that bug and isn't [number][number]