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Revival Mod
aryanpandya (11)

I'm sharing the real Revival Mod for this isn't a fake one this is the legit Revival Mod and you won't find this ANYWHERE. Password is of course the favorite junk food. First letter is uppercase S and it ends with a lowercase s. It's pretty easy. No hints by commenting.

Copy the mediafire then right click and click copy then paste it in a new tab to get Revival Mod. This is 100% legit just follow what I told you or it won't work and it will loop a about:blank page.

aryanpandya (11)

@Yeet243445 You can copy the links too.

aryanpandya (11)

@Yeet243445 Highlight them. Right click. Click copy. Then go to new tab and paste. Easy!

aryanpandya (11)

100% legit read the whole thing.