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Responsive navbar templates
Korbindev (133)

I have made 2 navbars that you can use for your own website. I want no credit for this because im not doing this for anything. When I started out coding I hated making the nav bar over and over and I couldnt get it right, I want you guys to use this for your own. I want to see what you guys are doing with my templates so if you want me to see your website comment it. Also, if you have any template suggestions, comment them. I will make one ASAP for you guys. Thank for getting me on the leaderboard!! :)

Korbindev (133)

thanks bro do you want me to make anything [email protected]

51LV3RC0D3R (12)

@KorbinVanette I have an idea, could you create a sample website, though that would take some time?

Korbindev (133)

Ive been working on one its going to be [email protected]

Korbindev (133)

im just about to post 404 temples for flask it has a tutorial with it if you want to check it [email protected]