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piemadd (116)'s Internal URL Shortener


If you follow @replit on Twitter, you may have realized some links showing up on our posts starting with the url I have been working on it for almost two weeks now and have decided it is ready for public use. It is currently on version 2.5.3 and version 3.0.0 should come out later this weekend with a lot of improvements (read for more info).


  • This URL Shortener can only be run on due to it using DB.
  • Users are managed with Auth, so keep that in mind.

Getting Setup

  1. Setting Up Your Repl
    1. Press the run on button below to clone the repository and install the packages:
    2. After running your repl, go to to line 11 in and replace with the url your repl is being served to.
    3. Replace on line 12 with the name of your site.
  2. Setting Up Your Users
    1. Rename sample.env to .env, as it will be where your user ids are stored.
    2. Head over to https://[Your URL]/getid, login with, and then copy the user id you are given.
    3. Paste the URL into the array in your .env file.
      1. For example, if you are the only user and your id is 123456 then your .env file should look like [123456]. If you
      2. If you wanted to add your friend who has id 654321, your .env file would look like [123456,654321].
  3. Stop and Start the repl to complete your changes.


  • Simple Login Through

  • Dashboard of all links for a user:

  • Easy to use home-page:

  • Custom URLs:

  • Editing URLs:

  • Database I/O:

  • Deleting URLs:

CoolCoderSJ (614)


I wish u connected this with Dupl Auth I cant use it on my iPad =(
only on my laptop (cause of safari, and my skool blocked other browsers on my iPad)

But really kool otherwise

piemadd (116)

@CoolCoderSJ I wanted to integrate with as much as possible. Sadly repl auth doesn't work on safari because of apple.

CoolCoderSJ (614)

@piemadd yeah its fine, i just thought of it as a convenience, i still use my laptop more

piemadd (116)

@CoolCoderSJ Yee. In v3 im adding my own login system anyways so its chill

xxpertHacker (930)

Is that a bug, or is it intentional?

users = json.loads(os.getenv("IDS"))

Oh, okay, random blacklisting, cool.

piemadd (116)

@xxpertHacker only allows Replit staff lol. The instructions tell you how to deploy your own copy.

xxpertHacker (930)

@piemadd Oh, I'm blind; sorry for the accusation, my apologies.