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ReplitDBClient V 1.2
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ReplitDBClient V 1.2

ReplitDBClient is a client for replers to use to easily manage the replit database in their java repl project.


  • Java 11 - This was written in Java 11 and has not been tested on other versions. This does not work with Java 8

Where can I get it?

Copy and paste the source code (which can be found here) into a new file called ReplitDBClient. Or download the jar here.

Quick docs

IT IS IMPORTANT TO NOTE THAT ALL METHODS and the constructors throws IOException, InterruptedException


  • ReplitDBClient client = new ReplitDBClient();
  • ReplitDBClient client = new ReplitDBClient(String url); - url is link to database

Setting in the DB:

  • void set(String key, String value) - Sets key to value in the database
  • void set(Map<String, String> pairs) - Sets all key/value pairs in pairs

Getting from the DB:

  • String get(String key) - returns the value associated with key
  • String[] get(String... keys) - returns all values associated with each key
  • String[] list() - returns all keys in a String array
  • String[] list(String pre) - returns all keys in a String array with the prefix pre
  • Map<String, String> getAll() - returns all keys and values in hashmap form

Deleting in the DB:

  • void delete(String key) - deletes key/value pair with key key
  • void delete(String... keys) - deletes all key/value pairs with each key in keys
  • void empty() - deletes every pair in the database

Changes from previous versions

  • This update changes the name of the methods to match replitdb-client and uses method overloading
  • The class is now called ReplitDBClient



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