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Coder100 (17111) Spook Night spook night is a spooky event in Halloween...


It's 2020, we can't Trick-or-Treat, but we can do one thing, make code! And that is what we will be doing this Halloween! Filling with the best posts ever! btw, if your posts are games, you are also applicable for the bjgj ahem @bramley

How to participate

Easy! Just make a post at the right time, and comment on this post below :D

Your posts can be about anything Halloween-related, it can be terminal programs or even a full-blown multiplayer game (@realTronsi your fits in the second category!)! The limit is not the sky, but the MOON, and code away and have a spooky time!

Why has a lot of posts, but to be honest, I think we can post more projects and more posts that get noticed. How do we do this? Spreading the word about the projects! I see a lot of great posts that go unnoticed, and it's mainly because people don't get to find them, this post hopefully will help solve that... at least for Halloween!



RayhanADev (1953)

Lol, imagine making a Reddit Scraper for Spooktober memes...
cough, cough what a good idea Ray

DynamicSquid (4629)

I'm dressing up as an octopus this year, how about you?