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Replit Love

My Experience

I've used Replit consistently for over 5 years. I went from being a middle school kid interested in cli games in C++, to becoming a full stack blockchain (Dapp) developer. And the backbone of my 220+ projects? Replit.
Whenever any of my friends had become interested in programming, I always led them here. The ability to build in practically any language, in the cloud, with a beautiful IDE and having a built in db: really gives Replit a monopoly.


I recently subscribed to the Hacker plan to use the always on feature for an endpoint I've been working on.
Now a few weeks later, my team has used this data endpoint in production and we've all been very satisfied. It was my continued satisfaction with Replit that led to this little write up.

Wrapping up

The only suggestion I have is support for Solidity + Hardhat/Truffle. Blockchain development support would be an awesome feature and could draw in a new group of developers.
Keep making this the best place for someone to learn and build in the complex world of software design.

Thanks REPLIT!