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Coder100 (16919)

REPL.IT CLUI announced their new CLUI.
It stands for Command Line User Interface. It is like a command-line prompt, but with auto-completion and other things you can see on a USER INTERFACE.


My CLUI looks into how it could have been created. I am going to use this as a starter code to tap into more of graphQL.


Right now it can't go into depth on the windows object and the Math object ¯_(ツ)_/¯


This CLUI is OBJECT-ORIENTED so in my opinion, it boosts productivity and focuses on the code you need to work on.
This CLUI has partial autocomplete, and you can either use your mouse or keyboard.


Enter to select typed option
Ctrl+Enter to delete previous option
Ctrl+\ to reset.


Please vote up if you liked it :)