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Replit CLI
CoolCoderSJ (691)

Replit CLI

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pip install repl-cli

Welcome to Replit CLI! With the Replit CLI Application, you can work with your repls locally, including clone, pull, and push, the core features of the CLI. You can code on your repls locally, then push your changes to the server, allowing you to use any IDE you want while also being able to use Replit. The full list of features includes-

PS C:\> replit
Usage: replit [OPTIONS] COMMAND [ARGS]...

  --install-completion [bash|zsh|fish|powershell|pwsh]
								  Install completion for the specified shell.
  --show-completion [bash|zsh|fish|powershell|pwsh]
								  Show completion for the specified shell, to
								  copy it or customize the installation.

  --help                          Show this message and exit.

  clone    Clone a Repl's contents to your local machine
  db       Edit the Replit DB for a Repl
  env      Interact with the Environment of the Repl of the Current Working...
  exec     Execute a command to run on the remote repl.
  login    Authenticate with Replit CLI.
  pull     Pull the remote contents of the repl inside the working...
  push     Push changes to the server and override remote.
  run      Run, Stop, or Restart a Repl from your local machine.
  shell    Connect to a bash shell with a remote repl.
  user     Lookup the details for a Replit User
  version  Output the current version for Replit CLI
PS C:\>


  • Make sure you have Python 3.6 or higher installed. To do so, type python inside of a Command Prompt/Terminal instance. If you have Python installed, a Python shell will come up with the version number. (type quit() inside of the python shell to quit it) If you do not have Python 3.6+ or do not have Python at all, you can install it by downloading the installer for your platform located here
  • Once you have python, run the following command- pip install repl-cli, preferably with Administrator access (This includes Administrator accounts on macOS, and Run as Administrator on Windows) to make sure that your PC recognizes Replit CLI properly.
  • !! FOR Linux/macOS USERS !!
    • After installing while trying to run, you may get an error from Protobuf. To fix this, run the following commands-
pip install python3-protobuf
pip uninstall python3-protobuf
pip uninstall protobuf
pip install --upgrade protobuf
  • Once installed, type replit into a shell to get started!


To see the docs and for information on finding your authorization token, click here

Building From Source

To build from source, run the following commands-

git clone
cd .\repl-cli\repl_cli
Coder100 (18930)

but still i'm going to say it
python :barf:

xfinnbar (149)

@Coder100 What do you have against Python????? It's a great language.

xfinnbar (149)

@Coder100 JS serves a different purpose than Python. JavaScript is pretty much unused outside web development.

CoolCoderSJ (691)

@xfinnbar FYI JS > PY, JS can do webdev, mobile dev, CLI, scripting, etc. Its not only webdev.
Python can do all of those things too but js is just better.

xfinnbar (149)

@CoolCoderSJ Yeah but who does those things using JS, when they have a choice?
Mobile dev: People would use Flutter or Xamarin if they wanted to write an app from scratch, without porting from an existing web app.

CLIs: The only reason people use JS for CLIs is because they want to integrate with the Node ecosystem, which is only used in web and mobile development for the most part.

Scripting: People would use Lua if they wanted performance and Python if they wanted ease of use.

JavaScript is also a fundamentally flawed language because of:

  • Dumb design decisions from the 90s that can't be changed due to forced backwards compatibility, such as "1" == 1 and true + true == 2
  • Inconsistent runtime (Mozilla Spidermonkey and Google v8)
  • Prototypal inheritance is scuffed
  • Hoisting is scuffed
  • Bad class support
  • No type checking support at all (Python has a decent amount of type safety)

Python is better for this type of application in my opinion because:

  • More low-level stuff than Node can provide
  • Large ecosystem
  • Good package system (npm is not cool)
  • Google loves it
  • It does what it says on the tin and does it properly

Just my opinion :D

Coder100 (18930)

but the thing is you can
you literally can do anything with it

also your idea of dumb design decisions: they are not dumb... the fact that you would do that makes you dumb

and type safety, does it segmentation fault? @xfinnbar

Whippingdot (681)

one thing, anything google loves is bad xD @xfinnbar

programmeruser (615)

fyi he forked my repl as a starting point

Whippingdot (681)

I don't understand the push and pull

Awesome anyway and I will try it out.

CoolCoderSJ (691)

@Whippingdot basically, to get started you do

PS C:\> replit clone repl_slug_here


PS C:\> replit clone CoolCoderSJ/Replit-CLI

Now cd into the dir

PS C:\> cd replit-cli

Now code. When you want to copy changes from local to repl, do

PS C:\replit-cli> replit push

When you want to bring changes to your local files, do

PS C:\replit-cli> replit pull
Whippingdot (681)

oh ok, I know those commands from git and this is the same thing but your explanation above made me confused...

P.S. Wait you have to login before all of that right? Or else anyone can clone anything and push anything... @CoolCoderSJ

CoolCoderSJ (691)

@Whippingdot yes, you have to run the login command first otherwise replit wont let you do anything.

ch1ck3n (2388)

I absolutely love the logo

It is a work of art

JBloves27 (1905)

God thats a lot of imports lol

Haha, nicee!

CoolCoderSJ (691)

@JBloves27 lmaooo yeah, 45 last time i counted

Most of them are dependencies from Protobuf, since technically i only have 4 requirements

JBloves27 (1905)

loool xD

Ah, ok. lol got it @CoolCoderSJ

CodingEssence (136)

I get this error when i run the code:

But is this supposed to be a thing where you can save your code to replit even if you are working on a different IDE?

CoolCoderSJ (691)

@CodingEssence ah my bad, i had to rrename the package, so you should cd into .\repl-cli\repl_cli
and yes, its like git for Replit

AmazingMech2418 (1103)

So, this is kind of like git for Nice!


You are a Unix user if you use any distro of Linux or macOS.

GNU/Linux is not Unix!
GNU = GNU's Not Unix!

It is Unix-like, but it is not Unix!

CoolCoderSJ (691)

@AmazingMech2418 mhm my bad always get that mixed up. Fixed it now.