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Replit Blog RSS Feed Parser
RayhanADev (2515)

Replit Blog RSS Feed Parser

Did you know that the Replit Blog actually has an RSS Feed? (thanks @ch1ck3n !)

I made a very simple parser for the feed, and then outputted the data to the console in a fancy way! Very simple project.

Fullscreen: here

Time to add it to and make it the best package ever >:D

RayhanADev (2515)

@darkdarcool thanks! (I'd upvote but don't want to ruin your 100 cycles xD)

Also I should have fixed the problem that caused the package to fail in your projects. Try upgrading to version 2.0.6, and ask if you need help :D.

RayhanADev (2515)

@ch1ck3n lol I saw your comment (from who knows when) on the Replit blog repl and made this thang.

ch1ck3n (2052)

@RayhanADev noice

this is how i found it btw lol

RayhanADev (2515)

@ch1ck3n oh kewl! I didn't know that :D