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Repl talk thoughts

Heya @/replit, if I say the truth, I feel like the original Replit design was best, like around when it was 2020 or the beginning of 2021. Right now, the CSS seems a bit too round and vague, if you know what I mean. You can't really see the border of each post as well, which kind of makes the CSS "vague". I (think) I do get what point you're trying to get to with the styling, but it seems too old-fashioned, or too round and "vague" (sorry for repeating that word so much).

I think maybe adding some transitional shadowing when you hover over a post might make it more real-life like as well. Or you could just make the post color opacity low, and then make it higher when you hover over it. Pretty much just add some kind of indication that you're mouse is hovering over a post, object, etc. I think by adding this, the CSS could improve in my opinion. Also, because you're redesigning the talk page, maybe consider redesigning the sidebar (where it says share, ask, jam, etc.) as well to different fonts, shapes, etc. Same thing with this, maybe adding transitional shadowing when hovering over it.

Also, let me note that the colors could blend in a bit better, so it feels like the colors are "flowing" with one another. An example screenshot is below.

The yellow can't really be seen with the white, so maybe add a darker white/gray icon in the back of the announcements icon? Also, uh, I can post in announcements:

Another thing, the triangle shows how much runs, not forks;

This doesn't have much to do with Replit talk, but with Replit Apps rather; I think you might want to add a "Add files" button like you have in Replit talk, so you can add files in Apps as well and not have to copy and paste, do it the hard way, etc.

This was kind of already mentioned before, but I think adding more transitional animation in Replit itself could work and help, without some of the transitional animation, it seems a bit dull in my opinion ('it' being Replit, sorry!). However, the new Replit Talk does look pretty cool, I just think that there could be some things you guys could work on, and that it could maybe be better.

I'm very sorry if this is criticizing your hard work. Please let me know if I'm saying some things wrongly.