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Repl Hero, a fun music arcade game
snowboardsheep (25)


Guitar Hero... For HACKERS

REPL HERO is a simplified version of guitar hero, written in HTML5, CSS, and JS, with a terminal astethic. It was built for the's Online Music Hackathon.

How to Play

Use the number keys (1 - 5) to play a note when the block hits the blue bar. You have 5 lives (at the bottom), and once those run out, it's game over. Other than that, reach a high score!

A Word About the Music

The music you play is not random. It was composed on Bosca Ceoil ( The game picks which bars to play out of a set of options, which create "acceptable" music.


I'm Liam Ilan, a 13 year old software developer who is never working, but always playing around. Also, thanks dad (Ron Ilan:

ronilan (1)

If the music doesn't play - make sure to click the screen (give it focus). Have fun!

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