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*Remastered* Alpha Search - The best search engine [add your own results]
LegendaryWolf (714)

The best search engine! now add your own results!

This is not low-effort!

as @CodingCactus unlisted my prev post which was a low effort, I remade this with some features you need.

Comment on how I can improve this!

And thx to @JacobMcPherson1 for suggesting meh to add our own results feature :)
And yes, ty to @OldWizard209 and @AntarticaAdv for helping me with some errors

@IMayBeMe do you still think this is low effort??

@IntellectualGuy you also?

Whippingdot (573)

WDYM oldwizard is correct, you can't mass ping like this @LegendaryWolf

LegendaryWolf (714)

There are many ppl, with 1000+ cycles who have posted low effort posts and still they get 20+ updoots

Whippingdot (573) them if u think they are low effort @LegendaryWolf

IMayBeMe (349)

I wouldn't call this hard but at least you tried to put in some effort. Also maybe try using the db which functions a lot like a dictionary. It good as it would save the results until you run out of space and even when the programs not running.

Also, idk why the ping didn't work