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Reflux Marketplace
CoolCoderSJ (691)

Want a theme other than dark/light for Replit? Wish you could make your own themes and share them with others?

Introducing Reflux Marketplace [Overhaul]
Reflux Marketplace has been given a facelift! Reflux Marketplace is a platform that gives Replit users the ability to create themes for Replit and install them with the popular browser extension, Tampermonkey. If you do not have access to Tampermonkey, Reflux Marketplace also auto generates JS Bookmarklets!

Reflux Marketplace uses the theming library, Reflux by @frissyn to take user inputs in the form of color inputs for various parts of the IDE and generate tampermonkey scripts with them.

What's new in the overhaul?

  • All code is autogenerated for efficiency.
  • A database migration, bringing stable database changes and no more disappearing images.
  • Theme previews are auto generated! This took me a good 2 weeks, but Reflux Marketplace now uses Selenium ChromeDriver with a Heroku webapp to serve you auto-generated theme previews! For anyone wondering, the reason why the preview generator is hosted on Heroku and not Replit is because of the lack of VNC + server support.
  • A userbase is here! See other's profiles, and star the themes you like.
  • All themes are edit-able. Need to change a color? Just go to your theme's page and edit it.
  • Speaking of theme pages...Themes have their own space now! The info has been moved out of a modal and into an individual page.

I hope you guys enjoy using different themes!
Make sure to share your own theme too!

Reflux Marketplace, the first Replit theming platform.

frissyn (371)

Officially endorsed by me, the creator of Reflux. Nice one, @CoolCoderSJ

CodingEssence (136)

Noice. But I don't know how to apply it. How do I apply it?

CoolCoderSJ (691)

@CodingEssence Do you know what Tampermonkey is?
You can download the extension for your browser here-

Once you have the extension,

  • click view theme for the theme that you want to apply
  • scroll down and copy the tampermonkey script
  • click the tampermonkey icon in your browser toolbar > create new script
  • paste your script
  • click CTRL + S (Windows) or CMD + S (macOS) to save

That's it! After that, whenever you visit replit, the theme will be applied.

CodingEssence (136)

@CoolCoderSJ Oh ok. Very simple. Thanks! And again, nice project!

CoolCoderSJ (691)

@CodingEssence yep, thanks!

side note, its CTRL + S to save, not CTRL + C, wrote the wrong letter by accident lol

CodingEssence (136)

@CoolCoderSJ lol i was thinking you made a typo

RishabhRanjit (20)



ch1ck3n (2393)

yey you posted it