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Realtime chat app using firebase, with markdown, editing, channels, and much more!
ExplosionScratc (513)

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated! :) This supports markdown, html sanitation, channels, editing messages (Click on them), quoting people, and much more!


  • Add color changing to settings
  • Add a channel list along with public and private channels? (Maybe)

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"hippety hoppety your code is now my property"
- e

- nobody
More coming soon, to be on here post something funny

Baconman321 (1104)

Cool! Make a page that shows all the channels...

iocoder (164)

"E" and "e" and "r" and "u" etc... are bad words?

ExplosionScratc (513)

@ridark Pinging already exists. @username, they will receive a different sound.


@ExplosionScratc you do know you might have pinged someone called username


get upvotes to 69

msgaalex (35)

@FrankMassey I got you bro.
Although it won't let me send the screenshot. :(

Dart (1201)

hey this is really cool, but you should put your api stuff in a .env file so people cant fork it and make custom clients to abuse it other than that its really good!

DSAEvan (27)

This is like the best-coded chat website in

DSAEvan (27)

how do you set the font? I don't get how it works. What are the fonts? @ExplosionScratc


This is amazing!

Whippingdot (676)

I love this. Very nice work. You deserve a cycle. AWESOME work!!!!!! I love the channels. I added you to the new GitHub repo, join using this link

iocoder (164)


Cool! Make a page that shows all the channels...

yes please do

ExplosionScratc (513)

@ridark Hard to do, also it would disable private channels.

Anthony343434 (0)

How does it work? when i run it nothing happens...


Cursor go brrrrrrrrrrr


"hippety hoppety your code is now my property" 🤣

Bluebelt777 (0)

I really love this

GrantDeibler (2)

This is awesome! however, it would be nice to be able to save channels and to have an account.

AverseABFun (13)

Awesome! I would like to help make this even better.

msgaalex (35)



to be or not to be

~my friends friend who has a friend who has a friend Who has a friend who's name is jeff

CyberHacker101 (136)

Omg, there's an iPhone on the table! KILL ITTTTTTTT -Joe's mom

svensk007 (58)

hippety hoppity your code is now my property
-Dani 2020


@svensk007 - Ah, a fellow boner I see. Do you have an extra Gucci Banana by any chance? It is too costly for me lol


@svensk007 - Is it just me, or is your comment looking kinda...THICC


@svensk007 - We finally made peace with OJ gang. Now we are allies :)



RahulChoubey1 (184)

HTML sanitation? Does that mean removing scripts, etc.?

RileyMears (10)

when i try to load it, it gives me these errors

19georgew (5)

I love it!


It filters 'u' and 'r' as bad words, not just a fast way of saying 'you' and 'are'

19georgew (5)

@ExplosionScratc It would be great if you could change that

tehgingergod (31)

cool! you should list all the channels tho

GeumjuKim (19)

everyone! ONLY USE CHAT ONE! THEN WE ALL TALK! (unless you want private chat or something like that) (You dont have to lol it would just be convenient)