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A Colorful, Customizable Progress Bar!

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A Customizable, Colorful Progress Bar!

So i was searching for a way to create a progress bar, and stumbled upon alive-progress!

They have a lot of spinners and bars!

If you want to see them, do this:

from alive_progress import show_bars(), show_spinners() show_bars() # Or if you want to see the spinners: show_spinners()

And if you would like to see an explanation of the code, please go here

Hope you enjoy and fell free to use it! (It isn't my project; it's a module, so I can't force you to credit me, unless you use the code from in this repl, but you don't have to if you use the tutorial)

Please upvote and see you in my next post! Bye!

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Really cool!

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