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Real time markdown editor and viewer
Arnu515 (8)

Markdown editor with side-by-side preview made using react and flask.

If the in-repl browser doesn't work, please visiting the website from another browser tab instead of using the one in the browser.

All files are stored encrypted in an SQLITE3 database.

How to use

Click on New button in the top right. It will clear the editor for you. Type the markdown in the editor. We support GFM and syntax highlighting with code blocks, so do give that a try! Once you're done, click Save button. You'll be taken to your file. Now, you can share this markdown by clicking on the Share button on the top right.

You can also upload a file from your PC or phone. Just be careful that your file has to end in .md or .txt extension, otherwise it will not be accepted.

Coming soon features

  • Dark mode
  • Edit files after save
  • Accounts
  • Likes
  • Comments
ZacharyRude (7)

Which Markdown parser are you using? My Markdown code editor, which you can access here, uses Marked.js, and I added some additional CSS styling and JavaScript functionality

Pizzaz4me (57)

how does this post have 8 upvotes but you only have 7?

Jeydin21 (102)

@PlaySoccer I think it's because that the owner of the post can upvote their own posts, but it doesn't count toward their overall upvote on their profile. Just my guess anyways.

ThisUserTaken (246)

@Jeydin21 thats what I was about to say. lol

badst (240)

Damn, incredible. Must of taken you some time!

Arnu515 (8)

Hey guys! The author here. I've just tested, and the app doesn't work in the REPL browser. Please visit the page in a brand new tab for it to work