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Reaction Test 🤠
IcynDevz (725)

Reaction Test 🤠

Note that this is one of those things where you ont have to type a sentence. You just need to type a single letter.😋

Got another post finally 🤓


First, read the directions in the project. Here's a picture.

Then, choose a level you want to "play".

Finally, play it! Enter the correct letter to move on. It continues infinitely, it stops when you type something to slow or type a letter wrong.

How fast you have to react depends on the level. For example, very easy is going to give you a lot of time to type the letter . But something like hard, isn't. That's why the title is called React.🙄

And when you lose. Then,

It will tell you your streak and ask you if you want to play again or not.

Note that I do know my b's, I purposely lost so I can show you guys this picture. 😅


@IcingHackz - for this project, I did ALL the work


Thanks for viewing this, and have a nice day replers.

Bye! 🤗👋

p.s. remember to check out my Dungeon Game🔐


InvisibleOne (2675)




IcynDevz (725)

@InvisibleOne lol XD HAHAHA
p.s. how in the world you play this the moment I posted this post? Are you on repl talk 24/7 or what? XD

InvisibleOne (2675)

nope, I just happened to see and play it @IcingHackz