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Presenting... 🟠 Rolling Forests! 🌳 | Awesome 3D Infinite Runner
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has Hacker Plan

Warning: You will experience infinite fun times ahead!!!

Hiya! This is an awesome little 3D runner game I made, drawing some inspiration from games like Rolling Sky and Subway Surfers. Now, without any further delay:

Presenting... Rolling Forests


Play It On Fullscreen


How to Play?

Just avoid the trees and keep rolling to get new high scores! But watch out, the game gets progressively harder the longer you roll.


Left Arrow/Swipe or ASwitch to Left Lane
Right Arrow/Swipe or DSwitch to Right Lane
Up Arrow/Swipe or W or SpaceJump Up
P/Q Key or Down SwipePause the Game

Good luck, I can't wait to see your scores!

* Note, this will probably be my last ThreeJS game for a while :)

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here is the zip file:

The rock sound didn't come out very good. it sounds weird, since i used SFXR for the rest of the sounds.

I included menu sounds, just in case you wanted to add a menu. There is a hit sound, a jump sound, a menu cursor move sound, a menu select sound, a rock rolling sound, and a pause sound.

i'm not sure if the sounds will fit the game, but it's worth a try.