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Ever wanted to use a command line, but instead of having a peaceful working place wanted to be interrupted by others (say an annoying brother). Well we present to you:

Use a Command Line, Together

A small project made by @RayhanADev and his (actual) developer bro Arman, we used Express and to create this simplistic command line in NodeJS. Just having some fun while he hangs out for a while.

Check out a fullscreen version here!

This CLI has four basic commands:

  • //help ~ Shows a help
  • //nick [name] ~ Changes your nickname
  • //print [text] ~ Prints a message to console
  • //reload ~ Reloads the page (you’ll need it)

It also supports many other console commands (press shift+enter for another line):

var leet = 1337 alert(leet)

Any suggestions on commands (and maybe how to implement them), tell us in the comments. Please drop a like if you enjoyed this and are interested in seeing more!
~ Ray and Arman

btw I am better dev than Arman easy.

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