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Ray Tracing Bata
TurtleAndrew (208)

Start it and give it some time, you can't expect a fast ray tracer on repl. Hope you enjoy the output, it's still a very early version and comes with bugs. I am currently working on optimizing it and adding transparency and refractions. The time remaining will be put in the console but is not very accurate due to the how the calculations are done. The actual amount of time it will take is around 30m - 2h. This version of the ray tracer doesn't have the up to date features and reflections as they take to long to render.

Here's some images the ray tracer produced on my computer:

This is what the ray tracer looks like when used for lighting. The world was generated and rendered using my project linked bellow. Also, in this image I was getting around 0.3 fps:

Here's a link to another 3D program I made:

Click here to go to my 3D game engine