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Random human generator!
TerrorbuildLuna (41)

Hi guys, this is the brand new, human creator 2000! It will create many random humans (as many as the amount you entered) using ascii text. I've only included a few options for the machine, but I will add more in the future. For now, enjoy this first version of the human creator!

NeilBhaduri (72)

Nice! I love the custom shirt design and the art.

VulcanWM (2756)

Hey TL, haven't seen you in a while-

TerrorbuildLuna (41)

@VulcanWM yeah, maybe we can chat on discord?

VulcanWM (2756)

Thing is my discord account got disabled @TerrorbuildLuna

VulcanWM (2756)

Not bothered to use it lmfao @TerrorbuildLuna

PattanAhmed (1404)

They all weird but other than that It's fine.
Also what was the use of shirt name, lol

TerrorbuildLuna (41)

@PattanAhmed The shirt name was an option, there would a random chance for one of the people to be wearing a shirt with your text on it. Thanks for checking it out!