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Random URL generator
Trixter (0)

A small program made to generate random URLs from any website using an ID system.

Uses a configuration file to manipulate variables for URL generation such as:

  • url : the host URL.
  • prePath : the path before the ID generation.
  • postPath : the path after the ID generation.
  • urlCount : the number of url's you want to generate.
  • threadCount : the amount of threads you want this program to run on.
  • IDLength : the length of the ID you want to generate.
  • IDCharList : the characters you want to be used for ID generation.

Did have a sort of working proxy feature, but now it doesn't, oh well.

This project was originally intended for generating youtube url's, but considering the shear magnitude of possible combinations with their ID system, I realized I was better off making something with a bit more application.

Don't usually share my projects, but I was encouraged by my therapist to be more open, so I'm also going start describing my fetishes to random people on the street.