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Random Shapes Infinite Generator - COLOR PALETTES INCLUDED! v.1
sushri (11)

Hello Everyone!

Honestly, I just made this since I was bored. So don't expect it to be super hype or anything.

But I did spend some of my time working on this.

So basically it's just a satisfying "thing" that creates random shapes in different color palettes.

ALL COLOR PALETTES WERE TAKEN FROM COLORPALETTES.NET (its an awesome website! go check it out!)


Tell me if you keep this thing open and keep watching it until Repl crashes. And if it does, also, if you have it, record the time for how much time it took for repl to crash.


  • (for all the color themes i use)
  • (for uh letting me code this?)
  • me. (for being so awesome)


have fun.
oh and here's the quote of the day-
"nobody is born ugly. We just live in a judgmental society."

  • Thanks!
    sushri ♞
tankerguy1917 (178)

Nice, I let it run for about 3-4 minutes and it didn't crash, so idk how long it'll go if you let it.

sushri (11)

cool! i ran it for like 6 min but it didn't crash. But ofc, people would have better things to do i guess :/ @tankerguy1917