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Racing Sim
CodingEssence (136)

Car Racing Simulator!

In this game you will be simulating a car racing game.

Disclaimer: This is text-based, not an actual game! As i dont know how to use pygame

This file will walk you throught the game.

At the beginning, it will ask if you are the admin; answer Enter or no or anything you want

After that, it will ask you if you read all of this; answer yes once you have.

The Mainmenu:

When you start, it will show you this:

You are at level 1 with 100XP
You have $100
You have 10 Gems
Your current car is: Holeshot
You have completed 0 races
Would you like to:
[1] Race
[2] Shop
[3] Spin The Wheel Of Chance

Its pretty self-explanatory; it tells you your level, your XP, coins, gems, car that is being used, and how many races have been completed


Once you press 1, the program will redirect you to the racing area, in which you actually don't have to do anything. The program will start the countdown, 10 seconds go by and one lap is done, another 10 seconds and the second lap is done and it will tell you your results, along with how much XP and Coins you get.


Should look something like this:





During the Race:

5 minutes into the first lap of the race

After Race:

You earnings would be this

1st Place50 XP and 30 Coins
2nd Place40 XP and 25 Coins
3rd Place30 XP and 20 Coins
4th Place27 XP and 17 Coins
5th Place22 XP and 14 Coins
6th Place16 XP and 10 Coins


4th place
17 Coins

Press enter once you are done.

The Shop:

The shop looks like this on entry:

Welcome to the shop! What would you like to do today?
[1] Buy Cars
[2] Convert Coins to Gems
[3] Convert Gems to Coins

Option 1:

Car Shop:
[1] Lambini GT
  Price: 250
    Speed: 9.2 stars
    Toughness: 5.2 stars
    Handling: 3.4 stars
    Acceleration: 7.9 stars
[2] Grim Rod
  Price: 250
    Speed: 5.9 stars
    Toughness: 9.7 stars
    Handling: 5.6 stars
    Acceleration: 4.5 stars
[3] Dune Jumper
  Price: 250
    Speed: 6.7 stars
    Toughness: 6.2 stars
    Handling: 9.6 stars
    Acceleration: 8.5 stars
[4] Beach Buggy
  Price: 250
    Speed: 10.0 stars
    Toughness: 8.7 stars
    Handling: 4.3 stars
    Acceleration: 0.9 stars

Option 2:

How many gems do you want?
100 coins = 1 gem

Option 3:

How many gems do you want to convert?
1 gem = 100 coins

Spin The Wheel Of Chance:

The wheel would look like this:

Welcome to the Wheel of Chance
Prizes are as follows:
1000 coins
1000 XP
Micro Ex (EPIC CAR)
100 Gems
700 coins + Second Spin
Would you like to spin the Wheel?(600 Coins, or 50 Gems)

Note: For all the yes and no questions, you either type y, yes or n, no

And for the rest of the questions, you ONLY type NUMBERS except for the ones that I have mentioned that need something else.

Thank you for the the two lines of


(These two lines are used to clear ONLY the line ABOVE and print something else in its place)

Please give me ideas on what to make next as i don't have any more ideas

Thats is it for the tutorial for Racing Simulator and I hope you enjoy! Thank you! Bye!

MrVoo (102)

Secrets dont work with the console.

MrVoo (102)

@CodingEssence I mean what I said :/ You can't use secrets with public console projects

CodingEssence (136)

@MrVoo It does work for me on my end, but it may not work on your end. It also doesn't matter because it doesn't affects the Simulator

MrVoo (102)

@CodingEssence It works on your end because you own the repl, and it does affect the simulator because it shows up as an error before you can run anything. It's not your fault, but nobody else can use it :P

CodingEssence (136)

@MrVoo oh ok i get it
ill remove it rn
thanks for telling me

CodingEssence (136)

@MrVoo soory internet is not workng, will try fix

TheMaster7661 (34)

This is cool. Maybe you can try and find someone who knows Pygame and is willing to help code this in Pygame. I don't know Pygame myself, but you could find someone who does and you could work on game design as the other person codes. You can also try and code some Pygame stuff yourself, and the other person can fix your errors and help you code. Sure you might not learn everything about Pygame, but you will learn some things, and it might even help you to learn Pygame in the future.

CodingEssence (136)

@NoahJospeh Yeah, I just started to learn Python Turtle, so I may start learning PyGame, thanks for suggesting!

victortiankai (0)

You can't change coins to gems or gems to coins :/