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Hello, I have come to present my champion, for the arena "I Built This"

its not finished but i think its pretty edgy, expand the console fully so that the ascii isnt distorted.

Bigbodyboy21 (24)

I think you need a space inbetween the input to start

haya (9)

hahaha funny 😂 Love it


@haya: thanks for the feedback

TimmyChen1 (128)

I got so many shekels! Then I tried to reason with the doll D:


@timmy-chen: Im sorry that you came across this error, Ill have to Fix it later

timmy_i_chen (1180)

@ubegorn: No problem! No rush, just thought you should know. :) Super fun game!

Eaglefang (6)

The art is great


@tylerdunn: he actually stole it from me and messed up the code.

TylerDunn (0)

@ubegorn: he stole it from you but you posted it after him?


@tylerdunn: look at his code and then look at mine, you can tell which one has been modified

Muhammed_M (0)

@ubegorn: Make your own code thief!!!


@muhammedm: great argument, now look at when both files were created. On My repl and his

uiefrrey (0)

you stole it, but nice game

Shahinsha (0)

Awesome Work :Ha ha:


@shahinsha: thank you

sj42 (38)

"You can't get away from the memester"