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🎥Video App | Videx🎥 - 📼Similar To YouTube📼


📼Video App | Videx📼

Hi guys i made a video app, that is very similar to youtube. It has almost all of the youtube functionality.


All these users here know, this app wasn't working before, because of storage issues. but now, i have copied, and pasted everything into a new repl with the hacker plan, and it's working. PLEASE DON'T POST LOTS OF VIDEOS. JUST EXPLORE STUFF, AND FEATURES, BUT TRY NOT TO POST MANY VIDEOS. ONLY A FEW!!!!! I WILL BE MONITORING!!!!!!



Videx - my app's name, already has a help section on the sidebar. You can check out all help, and everything there. It answers all your questions. you can also give feedback, or questions.

Few Things

  • Subscribing doesn't work that well
  • The count of how many subs you have doesn't work that well either.

The rest of them work though.


This has quite a lot of features.

Sidebar. containing.

  • home
  • library
  • trending
  • history
  • help
  • settings
  • feedback
  • report history
  • music
  • sports

Your Profile Image. at the side (which is a dropown).

  • your channel
  • Favorites
  • watch later
  • reports
  • settings
  • help
  • send feedback
  • toggle dark mode
  • edit channel
  • logout

the normal stuff

  • upload a video
  • notifications

Inside the video, and all, there are more stuff

  • likes
  • subs
  • dislikes
  • add to Favorites
  • add to watch later
  • share
  • save

and more


Thanks to

for giving me ideas, for some of my features to complete my video app.

Also thanks for

for giving me the code for the snowflakes you see when you register, and login etc. I had my own flakes before, but he gave some better code.

Most Views

I Am putting a section here called the most views. It's basically a leaderboard to which video has the most views. i will list the video, and the maker of the video. It's the top 10 who are on this list.

#1 Free Robux : 35 views
#2 Clean memes : 33 views
#4 Poltergeist GGD + 3 coins : 30 views
#5 Covid timeline : 21 views

Most viewed channels

These channels are the most viewed. check them out.

#1 YouTube : 150 views
#2 TheDBoi21 : 64 views
#3 tsunami : 35 views
#4 duccy_boi : 33 views
#5 derpburgerplayz : 30 views


also, whoever wants to be a moderator. put your username below. i will choose who gets to be a mod. not everyone who wants to will be one.

mod list - 4

  • Youtube
  • Funk
  • _scratching--post

No More Mods 4 - maximum! but i can remove mods if i want to. so if any mod isn't up to date, or on duty for when i check. i can remove them, and make someone else the mod.


Hi guys, this is a problem that rose up recently. everyone got a huge error. i fixed it now. it seems everyone's watch history piled up, and all. so remember delete all of your history often EVERYTHING. IF YOU CAN'T, I WILL!!!!! PLEASE DO IT!!

Feedback, and suggestions.

Upvotes, and suggestions would be appreciated.


2 years ago
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