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RPG progress
MatthewWesolows (9)

To give you some insight, I've been working on a C++ long term project to design an RPG with a singleplayer mode, but also the ability to modify and build your own maps using a simple language I designed. I made one other post, but it didn't recive much attention. I guess that day wasn't too lucky for me :l.

So far...

So far I have implemented:

  • Simple map building
  • Enemy class with basic nececities
  • Player namespace
  • Basic main game manager with utility functions, sorting lists, string to datatype function, some of the goodies needed to make an RPG
  • Inventory class
  • linked list library (stopped half-way through)
  • a variable GUI with one time user input (no need to press enter)

Thanks to:
For making that awesome tutorial, be sure to stop by and take a look at the link!


Just use WASD to move the cursor, and press enter to select and option. Have fun!


I at least want to make the singleplayer game by summer break. The map making, saving system, and up

Make sure to let me know what your ideas and improvements!