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RPG in Console
BryceHart (5)

a simple console rpg game (that im working on)

noway15 (97)

this looks pretty solid, but there's one main problem. I'm kind of stuck on the main menu page, and I try to use some commands but nothing happens. Can you try to fix that please?
also when is the full game coming out

another thing - why buy treasure? can't you normally just find it by looting places?
BryceHart (5)

@noway15 i made this on my school computer because i was bored in class but i wanted to work on it at home so i uploaded it so i could copy and paste it into vscode (also i have no idea when the final version is going to come out) and this is a port from c++ so i pretty much just copy and pasted then made it compatible with c

BryceHart (5)

@noway15 i don't know when there is going to be a final version and this is also a port from c++ so i pretty much copy and pasted this whole thing from an old project and made it compatible with c then upgraded it

noway15 (97)

@BryceHart ok, got it. Also keep it up, there aren't a lot of good RPGs out there but this looks like it would be one of the good ones