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MiloTheGreat (7)

This is a game based on the videogame, among us!
This game is still a work in progress, and it is not done yet.
This is also my first project on repl!
How to play repl us:
🏁Start a match!🏁
If you Crewmate:
✔️Finish your tasks!✔️
😨Survive from the Imposters!😨
🔎Find out who the Imposters are!🔎
If you are Imposter:
🔪Kill the Crewmates!🔪
🤨Try to not let the crewmates find out that your a Imposter!🤨
🙌Team With your other Imposter🙌
Not Clickbait, There is actually 822 lines of code!
If you have any questions or concerns, tell me in the comments!
I hope you enjoy!

FloCal35 (670)

Great job, I found a few minor errors but it was awesome

Did I inspire you?

MiloTheGreat (7)

@FloCal35 Thanks! There is some bugs, but its still a work in progress, Here are the bugs I found:
1) the hat codes don't work
2) when I mean Not possible to not get voted out it means that if you kill someone or vent your definitely gonna get voted out.
3) I didn't add your chance of being voted out by killing someone if you kill right in front of people or vent
4) like the comment below me, some comments in the chat say they just vented in front of them self, or they just killed in front of them

mesquite2234 (279)

Underrated post. Here's a cycle