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JBloves27 (1884)

Repl stats (kinda) and own stats!

Not that sophisticated, lol.


This is a console repl stats thingy. I'm also thinking of adding more things, but not yet. You can make your own portfolio/stats, or you can view your own repl stats/portfolio.


The code is very simple, until it gets to the web scraping/web stuff. This was my first time trying this, so it was very confusing. It doesn't use a database, and it gets the info from looking through the code (replit). It took a few hours, and I finally got the answer here. It might've been easy, but because the info was in a <meta> tag, it took long. Also, because replit bios are longer than python console space, i had to edit the bio a bit, so it wouldn't overflow. So yea, thats it with the code!


Please give feedback. Although I am thinking of adding more stuff to it, like how many comments you've commented, and how many posts you've posted, I do really appreciate feedback. So thanks!


Credits to @Coder100, as he helped me with web scraping! Lots of thanks! sry for ping


I hope you guys enjoy exploring this! It's really fun, and tell me if the portfolio info overflows, I'll check on that!


IOP3 (854)

me attempting to make your profile

I think I pretty much failed...
oh yeah! and also pOg

I also forgot that your bio literally had a status. And it asked for a status. And I put 'lol'

IOP3 (854)

@JBloves27 wait but also did you give up on the Animal Crossing game because I was there like the past three days waiting and like you weren't there. Or is it just because of sChOoL...?

JBloves27 (1884)

oh, sry, ive been doing lots of other stuff, school, and other projects, sry. im rly, rly, rly sry. I'm available on 29th tho. thats a long time from now, but yea. ill try to be on as much as possible. sry again @IcingHackz

JBloves27 (1884)

uh, thats when my vacation/break starts. @IcingHackz

JBloves27 (1884)

yeah, but we dont have to do it at that time @IcingHackz

LingWu1 (94)

How did it know it was me??? and btw its glitched

Anyways... GREAT JOB

That sound thing got in the way. Oops!

iocoder (162)

@JBloves27 here u go *hands portfolio*
JBloves27: what is it?
CodingRedpanda: open it up
JBloves27: *looks suspicious* *hesitates* *opens up the portfolio*
The portfolio:


great job lol

- CodingRedpanda

iocoder (162)

@JBloves27 click me

btw i didnt hack ur repl i used python and bash to creat the file and write to it
fishers14 (9)

lol <img src="blob:chrome-untrusted://media-app/bfbd6489-e91f-4f4b-8247-863dd9165b05" alt="Screenshot 2021-03-14 at 3.15.55 PM.png"/>

JBloves27 (1884)

Lol, thanks for the photo! @fishers14

Whippingdot (657)

Very ok...but good enough for me 😊

P.S. when is that C++ program with me? I have already started on a game - you can help me with it.
JBloves27 (1884)

Thanks! @Whippingdot

Lol, Idk barely anything, but sure lol
Whippingdot (657)

Idk barely anything

Translates to: I don't know barely anything

Meaning: I know a lot @JBloves27

RayhanADev (2517)

Lol interesting (^ヮ^)/

Gh0stHack3r (63)

WOW!!!! It JBloves27 Is stalking me everyday...0_0....

BananaJellyfish (210)

this is great! i think you should change the colour of 'profile' to something other than the colour of your username, but other than that, cool!

JBloves27 (1884)

Thanks! ok, got it! Thanks for the suggestions! @BananaJellyfish

BananaJellyfish (210)

@JBloves27 np! how do you make it so it knows my username?

JBloves27 (1884)

I used the os module, and did da following: os.environ['REPL_OWNER']. Pretty handy, right? @BananaJellyfish

BananaJellyfish (210)

@JBloves27 thanks! maybe i'll use that for something