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RELEASE: Interactive 3d using P3D!
CodersDigest911 (5)

Interactive 3d!

Experimenting with Processing.js's 3d library. Overall, pleasing, but lags on large projects. Would recommend WEBGL over this.

Ways to interact: arrow keys to rotate and + and - to move forward and backwards (don't press shift)!
I hope everyone enjoys my first release!
View it on KA!:



This is really cool

CodersDigest911 (5)

@ch1ck3n Did you check out the interactiveness?
arrows keys, - and + keys (don't use shift?

OldWizard209 (1498)

Markdown error:

####Interactive 3d!

Put a space after the hashtags. And yeah the project is great.

CodersDigest911 (5)

@OldWizard209 Thanks so much! I was wondering why it didn't work.