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Quote Generator: Markov Chain
rediar (497) (py)
Hi guys! I made a markov chain that generates a random sentence based on the training texts of tweets from users or discord chats.
There are 3 curated options to start, including our god @timmy_i_chen and resident mat, @mat1.

What is a markov chain?

Markov chains are a very very simple form of machine learning. Essentially, in this case, it starts with a word, and based on the training text (the tweets), and randomly selects one of the words that comes after it, and keeps going until it encounters punctuation.

Check it out and pls upvote

rediar (497)

@mat1 Pls upvote is you enjoyed, I think it does a pretty good mat imitation lol


oh no.It picked up the JOJO jotaro dio fight and messed up that data

Highwayman (1441)

@roylatgnail O.o




My eyes XD the first sentence was "I dropped my c** sock and a man it’s ok to hurt?"


@Highwayman lmao. Forgot that tweet


@Highwayman hmmmm, i wonder if it picks up comments?


@Highwayman if it does...

rediar (497)

@roylatgnail @Highwayman Pls upvote is you enjoyed.....
Also Taylor you have weird tweets


@rediar thats the point

sugarfi (625)

The trump one is the best:

I fully supports our current challenge of foreign countries get you to serve as long failed miserably!

Bookie0 (5977)

Cool! I tried my name and apparently I’m an idiot. 😔

Oh well

Have a good day

SotoAyam (11)

This is awesome!!!